When you select DHC Painters, you can be assured that your projects will be completed by professionals and experts in the field. We have stringent hiring practices, a great safety record and overall professionalism which sets us apart from other painting contractors. Our work crews go the extra mile to ensure the successful completion of your project with minimal disruptions to your business day. In fact, we can help you to keep things business as usual by completing your projects in the evenings, overnight or over the weekend if needed. Whether you are looking for an exterior or an interior painting job, we’ve got you covered. Our team can get it done.



We guarantee to beat any licensed, bonded, insured contractor’s offer of similarly qualified painting projects by 5%. They must have employees on payroll with all insurance requirements (workman’s compensation). The contractor must be licensed, bonded and insured in his field. All we need is a copy of the estimate for verification and the savings will be passed on to you as our promise.

All you have to do is let your contractor give you all the required documents, it’s not only for your protection it’s the law anyway. Licensing, insurance, bonded and recovery fund information so you are sure that they are truly reputable and then show us the written estimate and you will save an additional 5%.



Our five year warranty is the best around. Contractors that offer a 5 year warranty must stand behind their work. We at DHC Painters offer a 5 year warranty because we know we will provide the best quality products and apply those products the way they should be applied. Our warranty is our workmanship promise.



Projects that do not require progressive billing will not put up a deposit, generally under $5,000.00. We want you to be 100% satisfied before you spend your money. Projects that require additional work will not receive any progressive billing until you are also 100% satisfied with work being completed. All we will need is your authorization to proceed and then you can sit back and relax.



All our employees will show up dressed for success. We want you to feel like you are at the spa getting a makeover. We take pride in our professionalism and craftsmanship, so will you.


We like to schedule our estimates at a time that all decision makers are present. I would like to sit down and get to know what you are looking for and have a few minutes of your time to walk around and see the troubled areas. We try and schedule estimates for about 30 to 45 minutes but if they take longer no worries. We want to make sure you get everything taken care of.

We will provide you with all of our company’s information, licensing, insurance, recovery fund etc. We will not leave and tell you we will send you an estimate later, we will provide you with a written estimate while we are there.

If there are any additional discounts being offered at time of estimate, you will receive all the benefits of our promotions and low price guarantees.


When we are exploring the wonderful world of color we all have our different opinions and ideas of how things should look. We really like to make this process as easy for our customers as possible.

We always recommend that you visit your local Sherwin Williams, Vista Paints or Dunn Edwards to view your colors, but we will provide you with color charts if you request one. We will also go the extra mile and set up a consultation with a rep from our suppliers. We will also provide you with FREE SAMPLES for you to put on your walls to see the colors come alive. We will provide you with our color selection form at time of signing so you can go down and select the colors of your choice.

We want to make sure you are happy with your colors and we will do all this at our expense.


One of the things that we ask of our clients is that they help in any way possible with the process. If we have not included the following items in our estimate to you, this check list will assist us in being able to complete our work quickly with less disruption to your routine.

If our help is needed at anytime with this checklist please let us know.


Ok, it’s time to get this project done.

  • Cut back all bushes, tree limbs and vines that are touching the painted areas. If this is not possible we will do our best to paint behind them. Of course we hope all painted areas are free and clear of vegetation.
  • If you can remove and store all items from the area we are painting and pressure washing that would be great.
  • Double check all windows and doors are closed for pressure washing. We don’t want any water making its way inside. Sometimes you have a better eye site by looking outwards.
  • We always ask for you to check the pets and make its safe for them and us.
  • Have any additional contact information or instructions ready for us when we show up. Relax, you have hired professionals who do this all the time. We understand you may want to run an errand or two so we will do everything we can to make this easy for you.
  • Inform neighbors or tenants next door that we will be working on your project so they may be able to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Make sure irrigation systems are off. We wouldn’t want water spraying right after we paint would we?
  • Make sure we have access to all areas we are prepping and painting.


Ready, Set, Go….

  • We ask if necessary that you disconnect wiring form computers, video games, TV’s and stereos. Don’t forget to label wires so you can reconnect them correctly.
  • Remove items on the walls and shelving if needed
  • Move any furniture to the middle of the room if needed
  • If closets are being painted, remove all items
  • Take down paintings etc. and store in a safe areas
  • Pets should be put is a safe area
  • Alarms taken care of and off
  • Make sure we have access to all painted areas and it is free and clear of furnishings
  • All clothing, towels and rugs need to be stored.
  • Kitchen dishes and pots need to be stored and put away if possible
  • Have any additional contact information or instructions ready for us when we show up. Relax, you have hired professionals who do this all the time. We understand you may want to run an errand or two so we will do everything we can to make this easy for you.


All inspections are completed by our supervising foreman prior to the walk through with you. Our office will call you and inform you of our completion day and time and do the final walk through with you at that time. We do ask that you take the time if you have it and always point out anything of concern before, during and after completion.

We will perform any touchups “if required” at time of walk through. We want to make sure we get everything and the project is completed. We ask that after you inspect the job you sign our job completion form. If there is any remakes you may have please let us know. We are always trying to improve so all your input is helpful.